Your Guide to Miata Accessories

Your Guide to Miata Accessories

The Mazda Miata MX-5 is one of the sleekest looking sports cars in the industry. It's also one of the more affordable ones. Despite the generation or upgrades to the Miata, it has held up over time as one of the most sought-after vehicles.

What Are Miata Accessories?

Miata accessories are accessories that you can add to your vehicle to enhance either the appearance or the performance. Some people choose to add accessories to fit their personality, while others add different engines, spoilers, or new tires to drive and perform the exact way they want. Sometimes there are even accessories to keep your car in "mint" condition or protect from weather conditions.

Types of Miata Accessories

While the Miata is a sleek-looking vehicle, you can always add exterior accessories to make it more sporty or customized. Some exterior accessories are below.

Side Sill Extensions

The side sills of a car are their supporting structure. The sill supports the body of the vehicle and acts as a layer of protection. The Mazda Miata has side sill extensions that you can choose to accessorize your car with which will continue the ground effects. With the side sill extensions, you can add a front air dam and rear diffuser.

A front air dam, sometimes referred to as a front air deflector, is purely cosmetic and goes under the bumper in the front of your car to enhance the sporty look. However, sometimes a front air dam can have additional functions like fog lights on them as well.

A rear diffuser enhances the aerodynamic properties of the car by enhancing the airflow underneath the car. Originally, rear diffusers used to only be included in race cars to increase their speed, but now many sports cars offer it as an upgrade.

Splash Guards

Splash guards, which can be called mud guards or mud flaps, are a great way to protect the paint on your Miata. If you decide to get a customized painted design on your car or if you just want to keep your car looking sleek, splash guards are a great idea. Splash guards protect your car from the dirt and debris on the road that may splash up and cause damage. This accessory can also be attached to prevent water or snow from being projected upward onto the car while driving.

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A spoiler is one of the best accessories for a sports car. Aside from making it look more like a race car, it actually changes airflow and wind resistance. The spoiler design “spoils” the smooth flow of air at the back of the vehicle, thereby disrupting the airflow and preventing lift. An increased lift on your car reduces your vehicle's grip on the road, which you do not want in a sports car.

PULIps MZMT99GVFAD - GV Style Front Bumper Lip For Mazda Miata 1999-2000 MX-5 PULips $84.99 SHOP NOW Outdoor Car Covers

Even when you're not driving your car, the outdoor elements can still have harsh effects on your vehicle. UV rays and excessive water can make the paint on your car fade, possibly affect the engine, or, if a window is left open by accident, ruin the interior of your car. Investing in an outdoor car cover is a great idea if you have a car like a Miata that you may not drive daily but want to keep in the best condition.

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Think of LampGard as the screen protector on your cell phone. LampGard's covers are used to protect your Miata's headlights and fog lights. These almost invisible film covers have built-in UV inhibitors, which prevent discoloring. The film also prevents against direct scratching or staining.

While the exterior of your car is important for efficiency, the interior is just as important for comfort and safety.

Lighting Kit

While it's almost taboo to drive with lights on in your car, you still need some accent lighting, if you will. The interior lighting kit from Mazda is not obtrusive or distracting but instead brings understated accent lighting to the cockpit.

Ambient interior lighting, or the soft illumination around the console, door handles, and dashboard of your car, actually makes drivers feel safer. The lighting increases spatial perception, which can make the vehicle feel bigger. The lighting, though not conclusive to a driver's performance, is said to decrease driver distraction.

Cargo Net and Tray

Whenever you put something in your car's cargo area, you run the risk of the bumps in the road disturbing what you have in your car. You also run the chance of having items stain your car. With a cargo net and tray, you can drive with more confidence knowing that your items are not rolling around. Whether it's sports equipment, groceries, or small items, adding in a cargo net and tray will keep your car organized and your items safe.

Floor Mats

Upgrading your carpet floor mats to all-weather floor mats is a great idea to withstand all the weather elements. Whether it's rain, mud, or snow, fitted all-weather floor mats can handle a tremendous amount of liquid, protecting the interior of your car.

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Just as the UV rays can fade the coloring of the exterior paint on the car, it can also fade the coloring on the inside of the dashboard. Purchasing a SunShade for your car's front windshield helps keep out the UV rays, while also acting as a way of controlling the car's temperatures. In the winter, the SunShade will keep your interior warm, while it will keep your car cooler in the summer. Furthermore, SunShade acts as a form of security, blocking whatever technology you may have had installed into the interior console of your car.

Custom Fit Automotive Reflective WindShield Sunshade for 2017 2018 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible AutofitPro $31.99 SHOP NOW How To Choose Miata Accessories

When you're searching for the perfect accessory for your Miata, you should take some time to consider exactly what type of feeling you want to get when you're in your car. Do you want something that's more edgy or comfortable? Sporty or off-road? It's important to consider a few factors.

  • Safety: Whatever accessories you're looking to include, make sure they don't jeopardize the safety of you as a driver or your passenger.
  • Needs: If you want your Miata for something specific, like off-roading, consider exactly what accessories would help you meet that goal first.
  • Price: It can be very easy to just continuously "add to cart," so it's important to set yourself up with a budget upfront.
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