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Two Teens Arrested, One Gator Dies In Florida Crash

While nothing that happens in Florida is really that surprising anymore, the occasional new story raises the bar. In the latest story coming from the Sunshine State, The Guardian reports two of the victims in a crash over the weekend were alligators.Read

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Audi Wants The FIA To Know It's Really Probably Definitely Joining Formula 1, Maybe: Report

It’s no secret that Audi and Porsche been deeply involved with shaping Formula 1's future engine regulations, with eyes toward becoming involved in the sport in one capacity or another. Both brands have pushed hard for the adoption of synthetically-ma

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The Ford F-150 Lightning's Batteries Are Smaller Than The Competing Rivian R1T And Hummer EV

With EVs, capacity and range are the name of the game. Carmakers are locked in endless one-upmanship, constantly trying to outdo each other for headline-grabbing numbers in both categories. Ford, however, is making headlines for a different reason — how s

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Tesla Appears To Be Selling New Cars With Batteries From 2017

Determining what year a car is can actually prove to be a trickier question than you’d think. The year the car was actually manufactured is a huge part of it, of course, but what about a car made from unused old stock? Or there’s the case of VW’s mascot B

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