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Holy Crap A Tornado Launched A Corn Cob Through A Tractor Windshield

Are you afraid of corncobs shooting through your windshield while you drive? No? Oh, look at you, big shot. Big brave driver isn’t afraid of vegetables shooting through their windshield. Tough guy over here, driving without fear of a cob packed full of de

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

NBC's American Auto Could Use A Bailout Too

The American automobile industry has significantly shaped the country’s society over the entirety of the 20th century and beyond, for better or worse. From its government bailout to the last decade of recalls, scandals and numerous headlines: The auto in

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Mohammed Ben Sulayem Elected FIA President

Yesterday, Mohammed Ben Sulayem was elected President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile after the organization’s annual general assembly meeting in Paris, France. The former rally champion turned motorsport administrator received 61.6 perce

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Mazda Says A Final Goodbye To Its Fans

The Mazda prototype program hasn’t always been the fastest or most reliable car on the grid, but since the RT-24P debuted in 2017 it has definitely been the prettiest. It’s been a long and hard road for the Mazda prototype program over the years, but sinc

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