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To Stop Paper Tag Fraud, Texas DMV Wants Dealer Fingerprints On File

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is making moves to curb what has been described as a $200 million criminal enterprise. Those moves include a recommendation to perform background checks of car dealer personnel to stop the making of illegal registrat

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 19, 2021

Uber Wants Drivers To Foot The Bill For Its Greenwashing

Uber has an awful record of exploiting workers. In the US, the ride-hailing firm and its rival Lyft have both backed bills to limits workers rights, and Uber only started offering its UK drivers pensions after a court ordered it. Despite successful effort

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Please Don't Wear A Thong As A Mask On Planes, You Will Get Kicked Off

Sometimes I think Florida gets a bad rap. After all, it’s got that beautiful turquoise water, those soft white-sand beaches. Surely it can’t be as bad as its Florida Man reputation, right?Read more...

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These Are The Worst Winter Driving Tips You’ve Heard

We all know someone who thinks they’re God’s gift to driving. They think they’re so imbued with motoring skill that they simply must share their knowledge with the world. But sometimes, these people are full of it.Read more...

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