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Cop Caught Illegally Hunting From His Cruiser With A Felon

In the latest installment of “the rules don’t apply to me” saga that is global policing in 2021, a Louisiana officer has been caught illegally hunting from the back of his cop car. To make matters worse, he was joined on the hunting jaunt by a convicted f

logo.png  By ONR  Dec 10, 2021

Forza Horizon 5 Deserves Game Of The Year Consideration At The Game Awards

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when the shadowy cabal that forms the jury of The Game Awards gets together to definitively decide which games are Good, and which games simply Are. This year, however, there’s an elephant-shaped hole in that hallow

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Good News, Astronauts: This REI Sleeping Bag Will Prevent Squashed Eyeballs

Apparently, squashed eyeballs are a pretty serious problem in the space-going world. Spend enough time in zero-gravity, and the fluids in your body all just gather in your skull and put a lot of pressure on your peepers. Thankfully, there’s a new sleeping

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These Are The Best Cheap Cars To Learn To Wrench On

If you want to learn to fix your cars, but worry about ruining your daily driver, why not track down a cheap beater that can become your classroom as you learn the ways of wrenching?Read more...

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