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I Still Can't Get Over Tesla Allegedly Faking Its Original Self-Driving Autopilot Video

For years we have wondered if what’s going on at Tesla is just a shitshow or a scam, and none of that conversation is made any easier after reading a new report from the New York Times, in which multiple former employees claim that the company’s 2016 “hey

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Next Year Is Already Looking Sub-optimal for Valtteri Bottas

You have to feel for Valtteri Bottas. Sure, he carries a chip on his shoulder that reemerges every time he does something good, and that can be off-putting. But the guy is a roundly capable competitor that’s had the unenviable position of partnering with

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What’s One Thing The Next Generation Of Car People Needs To Know?

Back in my day, we had to make do with just a cassette player, none of this new fangled Apple Car Play malarky. That’s how old people speak to the younger generation all the time, right?Read more...

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Here's What A Zero-Star Crash Test Of A New Car Looks Like

Pete Buttigieg sparred with Elon Musk, Ford says it has a recycled ocean plastic first, and Renault. All that and more in The Morning Shift for December 8, 2021.Read more...

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