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Transgender Drivers Are Getting Blocked From Working For Uber

Uber is sending out very mixed signals about the company’s inclusiveness regarding transgendered and nonbinary drivers and those aspiring to be. As the Los Angeles Times reports, transgender drivers who attempt to sign up to be drivers, or drivers just tr

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Biden's Infrastructure Bill Nixes The Auto Industry Propaganda Term "Car Accident"

President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure bill is seeking to change everything about the automotive and transportation industries, from the function of our headlights to the sustainability of our ports. Buried in all those pages, though, is something s

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These Were The Biggest Moments In Mercedes' Fight With Red Bull For F1 Glory

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2021 Formula 1 season concludes on Sunday. After 10 months, 21 grand prix and 1,239 laps of racing, we are finally at the end of the season, and will finally crown a World Championship winner.Read more...

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Volvo Says Data Was Stolen In Cyberattack

Research and development data was stolen from Volvo after a cybersecurity breach, the company said in a statement Friday. There is no reason to think this doesn’t have the makings of a corporate espionage thriller. There is, sadly, also no reason to think

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