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A Mysterious Issue Is Causing Paint To Peel Off Of Airbus A350s

Qatar Airways has had a lengthy dispute with Airbus over paint quality problems that it says led to deterioration in composite areas of its Airbus A350 aircraft. The airline has grounded 20 of the planes and put half of its retired fleet of A380s back int

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The Car Used In Tesla's Promo Video For Autopilot Hit A Barrier During Filming According To A New York Times Story

There’s an excellent story on The New York Times right now, a look inside Tesla’s development program for their semi-automated driver assist systems that the company confusingly (perhaps deceptively) calls Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. The article is f

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A Carmaker’s $23 Billion Plan To Keep You Paying Long After You’ve Bought Your Car

If you look at headlines about Stellantis’ new money-making scheme, things seem pretty innocuous. “Stellantis Bets on Software,” says the Wall Street Journal. “Stellantis launches $23 billion software push,” says Automotive News. Software sounds good, ri

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Buying And Selling Cars As A Woman Remains Awful

When 26-year-old Harley Gambetta tried to sell her Citroën C1 to We Buy Any Car, a UK-based car buying service, she was greeted with a salesman who texted her to offer a trade: He’d give her a better deal on her C1 in exchange for sexual favors. Welcome t

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