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We Asked An Expert If Pictures Posted On Reddit Are Really Of A Legendary Lost Bugatti

Ever heard of Le Voiture Noir? The name just means “the black car,” but this black car was very special, because it was one of four Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantics built, and of those four, three are still accounted for. No one knows what happened to the fou

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The Aston Martin V12 Vantage Will Be Another Swan Song For Internal Combustion

The gasoline-powered world is dying, and the electrified world struggles to be born: Now is the time of monsters. Specifically, the time of monster engines in any chassis they can be wedged into. Swan songs for internal combustion are all the rage right n

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Doug DeMuro's Video On The Rivian R1T's 'Quirks And Features' Is 45 Minutes Long. Literally.

The Rivian R1T is the coolest pickup truck ever made. Not only do I believe that to be true (okay, I do find older trucks to be cooler, but I’ll assume Doug means “coolest when new”), but that’s also the title of former Jalop, YouTube baller, and auto sal

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UAW Members Are Voting To Take Back Control

The feds did not take over the UAW after a slow-motion corruption investigation that resulted in prison sentences and over a dozen arrests, but they did make the union accept an independent monitor, and also ask its member to decide how they want to elect

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