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Doug DeMuro's Video On The Rivian R1T's 'Quirks And Features' Is 45 Minutes Long. Literally.

The Rivian R1T is the coolest pickup truck ever made. Not only do I believe that to be true (okay, I do find older trucks to be cooler, but I’ll assume Doug means “coolest when new”), but that’s also the title of former Jalop, YouTube baller, and auto sal

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UAW Members Are Voting To Take Back Control

The feds did not take over the UAW after a slow-motion corruption investigation that resulted in prison sentences and over a dozen arrests, but they did make the union accept an independent monitor, and also ask its member to decide how they want to elect

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There's A New All-Electric Ranger But It's Not A Ford

Last year we told you about Polaris and Zero Motorcycles joining forces to build electric side-by-sides and UTVs, and some other potential future off-road projects as well, like snowmobiles. The first piece of this electrified off-roader puzzle is the new

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The Best Places To Buy A Car In 2021

It’s becoming increasingly hard to get your hands on your dream wheels. Used car prices are up and the ongoing chip shortage is continually affecting new car inventories.Read more...

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