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Lamborghini Huracán STO: Drive It Like You Own It

One of the world’s biggest travesties is that most supercars spend the majority of their entire lives in captivity. Ferraris snoozing in heated garages. McLarens parked on Rodeo Drive. And Lamborghinis? Imagine a cavalcade of them bumper-to-bumper along A

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The Upcoming 2021/2022 Formula E Liveries Ranked

The eighth season of the Formula E series is just 59 days away (according to the series’ countdown clock), when it kicks off in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, in the 2022 new year. The new season brings with it sweeping changes to Formula E’s qualifying format, a

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Spotify Is Killing Car View For No Good Reason

If you’re a Spotify subscriber, streaming music in your car is about to become less intuitive and full of angry tapping, now that Spotify is retiring Car View. The driver-friendly interface is disappearing, as Giz reports, and the move looks especially su

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I Fixed My Yugo With Two Hose Clamps And A Rock

When I’m feeling content and charitable and generally happy, I’ll describe unusual shitbox ownership as something that provides many opportunities for unexpected adventures. While I think there’s truth to that statement, that happy coin has a filthy, unpl

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