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This Vintage Chevy Pickup Is A Restomod Done Right

Today you can buy a pickup with unbelievable power numbers, tow ratings, and all sorts of handy technology. But if you love your trucks dripping with vintage style, but still want some of the finer technological offerings you can get on a vehicle today, y

logo.png  By ONR  May 10, 2022

Lordstown Motors Is Still Burning Through Cash At An Alarming Rate

A little under a year ago, Lordstown Motors was vowing that it would absolutely have its electric trucks in production last September, which came and went without its electric trucks being mass produced. In announcing its first quarter earnings on Monday,

logo.png  By ONR  May 10, 2022

EA Sports F1 22 Is The Right Game For Formula 1's Big Moment

A new era for Formula 1 means a new era for the official Formula 1 game. This year’s release, scheduled for July 1 worldwide, marks developer Codemasters’ first with EA Sports front and center on the box, right next to the title. It’s also the first entry

logo.png  By ONR  May 10, 2022

To Get Apple CarPlay on Your Tesla, First Buy a Raspberry Pi and Learn to Code

Tesla doesn’t support Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto in its vehicles, and it’s basically the only major automaker that still doesn’t at this point. For any other company the omission of such an otherwise ubiquitous feature would be inexcusable, but Tesla

logo.png  By ONR  May 10, 2022