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The MV Agusta Lucky Explorers Are Here To Remind Ducati Of The Real Italian Dakar Champ

MV Agusta wants to reclaim the fanfare it once enjoyed as an off-road bike maker decades ago, back when the company went by Cagiva. The Italian bike maker debuted the Lucky Explorer Project 9.5 and 5.5 at EICMA. MV Agusta says these bikes trace their heri

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 27, 2021

I Called The Alpine A110 One Of Only Five Pretty Cars That Exist Anymore And My Coworkers Are Making Me Defend That Statement

The Alpine A110 just debuted its refreshed face to the world, which is pretty much the same as its old one. This, I feel, is a good thing. The A110 has consistently topped my list of the prettiest cars in production today, a list that carries a lot of clo

logo.png  By ONR  Nov 27, 2021

Ferrari's Newest Supercar Takes Two Steps Backwards

The LaFerrari is still an interesting car, long after the drama of the Porsche 918/McLaren P1/LaFerrari hybrid hypercar trichotomy has faded. You get the advanced tech of full carbon construction, cutting-edge aerodynamics and hybrid drive, but still assi

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Here’s Proof That Elton John Has Grate Taste In Ferraris

Some people collect band t-shirts whenever they go to a show, others save up ticket stubs to memorialize an evening. But if you’re a millionaire, I imagine you might be tempted to collect the former cars of your musical idols.Read more...

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