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What Brand Has Built The Fewest Trash Cars?

Sure, it’s easy to remember the great, desirable cars out there. Things like the 2001 Renault Clio Sport or the 1967 Pontiac GTO can easily make you forget about dud vehicles like the Renault Fuego or the Pontiac Aztek. But is there a carmaker out there w

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 28, 2022

Fast X Director Justin Lin Has Stepped Down

Justin Lin is arguably the most important director in Fast and Furious history. The series may have started under the watchful eye of Rob Cohen, but Lin directed the best and worst of the saga. His return to directing in F9 was heralded as a high point fo

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I Can't Stop Thinking About How Perfect Bentley's Key Is

I’ve never thought much of a key, and why would I? It’s just a tool for accessing a vehicle. That is until last Friday. That’s the day I was shown there is another world of car keys. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bentley Bentayga key is the greatest fob ever

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Skydiving Pilots Try to Swap Planes In Mid-Air, Causing Crash And An FAA Investigation

A pair of skydiving pilot cousins sponsored by Red Bull have attempted a stunt that aviators have only dreamed of doing. The pilots put their planes into dives, jumped out and tried to swap into the other’s aircraft. They managed to complete only half of

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