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Sebastian Vettel Calls Out Miami Grand Prix's Shaky Destiny in the Climate Crisis

We’ve all had our fun laughing at the fake marina constructed for Formula 1's Miami Grand Prix. It’s been memed to death across social media. Sky Sports F1 reporter Craig Slater even dove in on live television and did a pretend backstroke atop the sim

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I'm A College Kid With A Limited Budget And I Need A Reliable Ride! What Car Should I Buy?

Ryleigh is a college student in Michigan looking to pay about $8,000 in cash for something reliable. It doesn’t need to be fancy just a decent ride with Bluetooth for the tunes. What car should Ryleigh buy? Read more...

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Jalopnik's Twitch Streams Are Moving To Tuesdays

I want to lead this blog with an apology: I know, you spend the entire front half of your week just waiting for Jalopnik’s weekly Twitch streams. They’re the shining light of your Thurdsays, the only things left that make sense as the work week starts to

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DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub Get Delivered by Plane to Remote Alaskan Villages

The advent of food delivery apps and their surge of popularity during lockdowns has made the sight of food couriers ubiquitous. This surge in popularity has made its way to the cold corners of the Tundra, as the New York Times explains, where the harsh cl

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