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The Most Fuel Efficient Jeep Grand Wagoneer Gets 15 MPG City

Did we travel back in time to the 2000s? There’s the all-new Hummer that’s a rolling symbol of American excess. Cadillac is making the Escalade bigger and faster with the V-series. Meanwhile, Jeep has decided it wants in on the extra-large, extra-luxury S

logo.png  By ONR  May 10, 2022

Fisker Wants to Build a Four-Door Electric Convertible With 600 Miles of Range

With one car set to begin production later this year, and a second model in the works, Fisker has teased details of its third electric vehicle. Codenamed the Ronin, the third Fisker EV will be an all-electric supercar, which the firm claims will have the

logo.png  By ONR  May 10, 2022

To Get Apple CarPlay on Your Tesla, First Buy a Raspberry Pi and Learn to Code

Tesla doesn’t support Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto in its vehicles, and it’s basically the only major automaker that still doesn’t at this point. For any other company the omission of such an otherwise ubiquitous feature would be inexcusable, but Tesla

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Two Planes Narrowly Avoid Crash in Mexico City

Two passenger planes nearly crashed into each other on Saturday, May 7 at Mexico City International Airport. Air traffic control at MEX had cleared an Airbus A320neo to land on the same runway where a different Airbus A320 awaited clearance to take off. I

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