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These Are The Worst Manual Transmissions You’ve Driven

We’re used to lauding the benefits of a manual gearbox over an automatic transmission. They’re more fun to drive, keep you more engaged with the car and offer more control when you’re behind the wheel. But not every manual transmission is created equal. S

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When Is NASCAR Going To Start Penalizing Late-Race Wreckers?

Kyle Busch’s historic win at Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series event on Bristol’s dirt-lined track probably shouldn’t have happened. In the closing laps of the event, Tyler Reddick and Chase Briscoe were battling it out for the lead when Briscoe lost control and

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I Lost Five Days And 70 Credit Points Trying To Buy A Motorcycle

Over the course of the past week I attempted to treat myself to my first new vehicle in six years. I wanted to update my motorcycle fleet with an Indian FTR 1200. But after working with two local dealerships all I got was a credit hit to the tune of 70 po

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GM Has A Patent For A Student Driver Car Without An Instructor

The worst part about learning to drive — for me at least — was having other people in the car scrutinizing your every move. Now, a new patent from General Motors would get rid of all of that. Meet the instructor-free student car.Read more...

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