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BMW M1000RR Loses To A Flying Rock At The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

The 2022 FIM Endurance World Championship has started, and so has the heartbreak for fans of BMW. The Motorrad team was forced to retire at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last Saturday, after a very precise pebble lodged into their bike’s radiator and destroyed

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Baffled By Dieselgate, Emails Reveal Fiat Chrysler Struggled With Revamped Emissions Tests

Within days of Volkswagen’s admission in September 2015 that it purposely installed software on diesel vehicles to deceive regulators during vehicle emissions tests, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency turned its attention elsewhere to one of America

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Ford Copies Tesla’s Gimmicky Games In the F-150 Lightning

Remember when Tesla proudly showcased a suite of computer games that you could play in its cars? And remember when the NHTSA issued a warning that this could be distracting for drivers? Well, it sounds like Ford may be following Tesla’s lead and bringing

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Mask Mandates For Air Travel And Public Transportation Voided By Federal Judge

A federal judge in Florida ruled Monday that the Centers for Disease Control and other federal agencies had overstepped their authority when issuing mask mandates for public transit and air travel. Read more...

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