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At $9,750, Does This Manual-Swapped 2007 Ford Crown Vic Interceptor Rule?

When Ford put the Mustang into police service it offered the car with a manual, but that was never the case with the Crown Vic. Today’s Nice Price or No Dice Crown Vic rectifies that omission, but will that make it worth its nearly ten-grand asking?Read m

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022

Ducati's V21L Electric Racer Sounds Like The Science Of Speed

It’s been a good year for Ducati. Amidst several quarters of record new bike sales, and allegedly aftersales parts sales doing even more than that, the pure Italian moto company has finally unveiled its new race bike. Last October the company announced it

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022

You Need To Buy This Trabi Kombi So I Can Stop Thinking About It

It isn’t every day you see a Trabant 601 for sale in good condition. It’s even more rare to see the long-roofed ‘Universal’ version. Even rarer still to find one with the optional roof top tent from new when the car was built in 1988. Admittedly, over two

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Forget About Getting A Free Charging Cord With Your New Tesla

A Tesla enthusiast noticed on Saturday that Tesla is now charging $400 for its 120-volt “mobile connector” charging cable when buying a Tesla, which is the very slow way to charge your Tesla but with a regular household outlet. Previously, the mobile conn

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 19, 2022