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The 10 Worst Car Scams

If you’re inexperienced (or just not careful), it’s incredibly easy to let some huckster take advantage of you in the automotive industry. Here are ten of the worst scams in the automotive world, so be on guard.Read more...

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The French Are Still Mad About Carlos Tavares' Pay

In France, where they care about things like “inequality,” there is about to be a presidential election. The incumbent, Emmanuel Macron, is facing off against Marine Le Pen, a ghost of the far-right past. They disagree on many things but apparently both a

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Your Owner’s Manual Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About How To Drive Stick

Learning how to drive a stick shift is hard. There’s a little shifter knob with a weird pattern, some numbers and an “R,” along with three—yes, three—pedals. That’s a lot to pay attention to. But if you’re sitting on a dealership lot in your brand-new car

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Kyle Larson Wants To Get Rid Of Windshields For NASCAR's Bristol Dirt Race

This weekend marks one of the goofiest events of the NASCAR calendar: the dirt race at Bristol, where tons of dirt is trucked in to cover the paved surface of Motor Speedway. But not everyone is a fan of the event, including reigning NASCAR Cup Series Cha

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