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Florida Man Gets Two Years In Federal Prison For Stealing Golf Carts

A Florida man has been convicted of the most Florida man-crime I can think of: stealing golf carts. The scope of the thefts was wide, however, and these weren’t like when a retiree pops out of the convenience store to find their golf cart gone.Read more..

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 15, 2022

Thousands Of Trucks Are Stuck At Texas-Mexico Border

Another truck convoy is disrupting the U.S. supply chain, but this time it’s on the Texas-Mexico border and has nothing to do with COVID mandates. Last week, Gov. Greg Abbott directed the Texas State Troopers (DPS) to conduct mandatory inspections of comm

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 15, 2022

Video Shows Youth Hockey Suffer Wrath Of 'Zamboni' From Hell

Everybody is reportedly fine after a group of kids playing ice hockey were confronted with a ice resurfacing machine, commonly known as a Zamboni though this one is a different brand, and its operator completely engulfed in flames doing a lap of the rink

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Here Are The Most Ridiculous Reasons Why Dealers Will Refuse To Send Written Price Quotes

As a professional car shopper, I communicate with several hundred dealers over the course of a year. While most of them are fine, some of them clearly despise this whole internet shopping thing and will pull out of the air any number of bonkers excuses no

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