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Mike Tyson Allegedly Punched A Guy In The Face On A Plane

Mike Tyson is both legendary for his boxing career and for being someone you might not want to provoke. While he’s mellowed out as he’s gotten older, he’s still not someone I’d want to make angry. I value my life. Apparently, some people don’t, as TMZ rep

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Automakers Take Note: Most People Don't Want Subscriptions

After car subscriptions fell flat and all but disappeared, the last few years have shown that automakers are exploring ways to continuously make money off consumers long after their initial purchase. Slowly but surely, automakers have started to turn down

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We Have Reached the Inflection Point Where Chinese Sedans Look Better Than German Ones

Chinese carmakers have a reputation for knocking off vehicle designs from around the world. It’s no secret. It’s done out in the open and it’s been blatant. From the BYD S8 that was a near clone of the first-gen Mercedes CLK to the Dongfeng M18 that’s alm

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Texas Tuner Shop Boycotted After Owner Posts Video Rolling Coal On A Cyclist

People are really just assholes, aren’t they? You always hope humanity will turn it around, but we never really do. Anyway, today’s asshole is this guy. He drives a diesel Ford Super Duty and decided to roll coal past a cyclist on a Texas road while filmi

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