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I'm The Guy Who Bought A New Dodge Dart In 2022

Hello Jalopnik Readers,

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 9, 2022

These Cars Were Made Better Through Scarcity

Some things are more interesting when they’re rare. Like hunting shiny Pokémon, we all love to have the thing that’s hard to get. Maybe it’s just the thrill of the chase, but we all want the uniquity of not being like everyone else — and that extends to v

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 9, 2022

Even More Proof That People In Florida Don't Understand Drawbridges

So far this year, we’ve seen a Florida motorcycle rider almost fall off a drawbridge and another driver in the sunshine state was almost dropped into a river by a rising bridge. Clearly, Floridians and drawbridges don’t mix. Well now, we’ve got another ru

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 9, 2022

A Rep from the Largest U.S. Porsche Dealer May Have Skipped Town With $2.5 Million in Customer Deposits

Champion Porsche in Florida has made a name for itself as the largest Porsche dealer in the U.S., a reputation secured in part by the sales prowess of its ex-vice president of marketing, Shiraaz Sookralli. But Champion now finds itself at the center of a

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 9, 2022