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Drive Your Back Roads Before Traffic Finds Them

If your town is anything like mine, there’s a main corridor connecting a handful of important places, and it’s almost always a highway. This stretch of road is a concrete spine, teeming with drivers that dart back and forth like signals in a nervous syste

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Every Single Rob Zombie Song That Includes Cars, Ranked

I grew up in a family of avid Rob Zombie fans; he was a staple on my dad’s mixtapes, and I still have fond memories of putting together an amateur gymnastics routine set to “Feed the Gods.” Today, I’m reviving that childhood love to bring you this: A defi

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Tesla Is Once Again Recalling Nearly 600,000 Vehicles Over Its Pedestrian Warning System

Tesla issued a recall of 594,717 vehicles Thursday for an issue that may be familiar to our readers: The Boombox sound-effect feature, which allows owners to customize their horns, is still not up to snuff, according to federal regulators. That sound effe

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Cop Who Didn't Understand State Law Blamed Teen Bicyclist For Fatal Strike From DUI Driver

A 17-year-old struck by a DUI driver in Georgia was blamed for her own death by an officer who didn’t understand state laws pertaining to bicyclists. Ignorance of the law by officials is just one of a laundry list of threats bike riders have to deal with

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