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The Highway Was Supposed to Save This City. Can Tearing It Down Fix the Sins of the Past?

Helen Hudson will tell you what the 15th Ward was like when she was a girl. In the 1950s and early ’60s, the Syracuse neighborhood was home to thousands of predominantly black residents who had settled in the growing upstate New York city during and after

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The Simple Act of Maintaining Your Car, Part 1: Oil Changes

Car maintenance. While many of you see that phrase and understand its meaning and the responsibility it entails, many of you may have approached this phrase with a shrug, leaving your car’s future up to gods that preside over these mechanical wonders. I’v

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Lexus Teases New EV That Comes With A Cursed Yoke

I’m sure you guys are all familiar with the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel.” Well it seems the chief makers of wheels – auto manufacturers – aren’t. First it was Tesla with the yoke, now it’s... Lexus? That’s right: Good ol’ conservative hasn’t-changed-

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These Are All The Cars That Sank On The Felicity Ace

Just under two months ago, the cargo ship Felicity Ace caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean while hauling millions of dollars worth of European cars. The fire destroyed every single car on board, even forcing Lamborghini to restart production o

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