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Remembering The 10mm Socket (You Will Be Missed)

I have a very distinct memory from my childhood. I was in the pole barn with my dad while he worked on one of his various cars while I sat on the lawn tractor and pretended to mow our yard. Suddenly, I heard a cry of what can only be described as the pure

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It’s Totally Fine For Cyclists To Run Red Lights, Says Colorado

Cycling’s great. It’s easily my favorite way to travel ‘round any big city as a) You don’t get stuck in traffic, b) It helps you figure out your way around the place, and c) You don’t have to ride a train full of covid. But some city-center cyclists give

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I Bought The Smart Car That Mercedes-Benz Refused To Sell In America

When I was hired at Jalopnik, my coworkers and you the readers knew me as the lady with four Smart Fortwos. Yet, I seemingly pulled a switcheroo on all of you by amassing a collection of Volkswagens. Well, dear reader, fear not because I just added a fift

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The 10 Most Embarrassing Mistakes You Can Make While Driving

Some driver errors are quite common and do no harm, others are dangerous but fortunately quite rare. But there’s a middle ground of embarrassing, infrequent, burned-into-your-consciousness mistakes, and these are the ten worst.Read more...

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