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How a Subprime Auto Lender Consumed Detroit With Debt and Turned Its Courthouse Into a Collections Agency

When Don Foss started his career as a car salesman, he recognized early on that most of his prospective customers had shaky credit, leaving them with few options for financing to buy a vehicle. So in 1972, he started subprime auto lending company Credit A

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Watch: The Hardest And Most Notorious Dirt Bike Race In The World

In a move to explore more racing series, our household (all two of us) has started to follow SuperCross. I admittedly know little about it, but I’ve been recording and watching races as they happen in order to learn. While SuperCross has its own raw fun t

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These Are The Cars You Could Live In For A Month

I’m sure at one point or another, we’ve all considered hitting the highway and living out of our car for a few weeks. That nomadic lifestyle can be appealing for a range of different reasons. But, if you chose to live in a car for a month, what vehicle wo

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Amtrak Wants The TSA To Screen Passengers Against Terrorist Watch List

You know how invasive and discriminatory TSA checks can be when you’re about to fly? Well, it looks like similar practices may be coming to trains if you travel using Amtrak.Read more...

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