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Porsche Invests $75 Million Into Synthetic Fuel Start-Up

Automakers of long-lasting, collectable enthusiast cars like Porsche, Audi and Koenigsegg are desperate to keep their heritage on the road in the face of a cataclysmically warming world. Porsche is putting its money where its mouth is, investing $75 milli

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An Ekranoplan Is The Ideal First Vehicle

No one sees it.

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Saab 900 SPG, GMC Hummer EV, Ferrari SF90: The Biggest Suckers On Bring A Trailer This Week

Back in the good ol’ days, Bring A Trailer was a mailing list of cool project cars for sale. Then it became an auction site for cool and unique vehicles, and then a premier auction site with only the best, handpicked listings. Now, it seems to be entering

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Chevy Bolt EV And EUV Are Back In Production After Massive Fire Recall

The Chevy Bolt EV and EUV are back, folks! After a production hiatus and huge recall for potential battery fires affecting all model years, production of the two electric vehicles is ramping up once again.Read more...

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