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Gas Price Watch: Jada Pinkett Smith Calls For 'Healing' And President Biden Wants Prices To Come Down

Hey all. It’s Wednesday – which means it’s nearly Thursday. Thursday is pretty much Friday and Friday may as well be the weekend. So enjoy that. I don’t know about you, but it’s cold here in the city. Oh, and gas prices haven’t gone up or down since yeste

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Bugatti Never Forgot About The $8.8 Million Centodieci

Do you remember the Bugatti Centodieci? It was first seen around these parts in 2019, a time before the pandemic, when overpriced supercars were barely remarkable. The Centodieci was going to be a few-off, limited to just ten examples, all starting around

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Which City Has The Best Public Transport?

When I first moved to New York, the Subway seemed like quite an exciting prospect. It’s the eponymous mass transit system seen in all the movies. If I ride the Subway, Spider-Man might come to my rescue. But in reality, it’s not that exciting. Or that gre

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Everyone Seems Confused About Vinfast’s $2 Billion North Carolina Plant

Vietnam’s startup car company is making waves outside of Raleigh, and the locals are intrigued, to say the least. All that and more in The Morning Shift for March 30, 2022.Read more...

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