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So It Appears That $700 Million Superyacht Does Belong To Putin

Russian oligarchs have been having their yachts seized around the world, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine presses on. One yacht though was able to elude both being impounded and authorities finding out its owner. Until now. Fortune reports that a pair o

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This Cheap Little Gun Brings Sandblasting To The Masses

There are lots of ways to get rid of old paint, primer and rust. You could use some elbow grease, abrasive materials, or chemicals. You could get all scientific with electrolysis. You could learn to weld. Or you could blast it all away with an abrasive me

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Everyone’s Pandemic Car Buys Could Be About To Bite Them

Everyone in 2020 took one look at the car market — with supplies drastically low and demand drastically high — and took out a loan on a new car anyway. That’s been ... fine for now, but it could come back to haunt us. All that and more in The Morning Shif

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Robot Truckers Could Cut 500,000 Jobs From U.S. Trucking Industry: Study

The trucking industry is in turmoil. In the last few years, crisis after crisis has revealed our logistics blindside, and it’s usually related to an urgent need for truckers. Folks have tried to fix the shortage by suggesting we lower driver age restraint

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