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Max Verstappen Wins Saudi Arabian GP After A Dramatic Weekend

The FIA Formula One World Championship had its second visit to Saudi Arabia in under five months as the second stop of its 2022 season. On Friday, the race weekend had been overshadowed by a missile attack on a nearby Aramco oil refinery. While F1 and the

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My 1997 BMW 318ti Is Actually A Cargo Van

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. That’s what Elizabeth Barrett Browning asked of her lover in Sonnet 43. If I’d written the lines, I’d have gone with Sonnet 36 (or e36) as a nod to my 1997 BMW 318ti, which saved my wife and I more than once when

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What Automotive Hill Are You Prepared To Die On?

There was a moment during Jalopnik’s first Thursday stream a few weeks ago when I asked my melodious co-host Steve how many generations of Dodge Viper there were. Steve answered in the way I feared he would, the way I can’t and will never understand. The

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At $8,750, Is This 1984 Mazda B2000 A Small Truck That's A Big Value?

The reason given for the sale of today’s Nice Price or No Dice Mazda B2000 is that it is a redundant member of the present owner’s stable. Let’s see if its condition and price will make it worth adding to a new owner’s collection.Read more...

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