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AVUS Was A Good Race Track, Actually

Last week, my wonderful colleague Steve DaSilva asked the Jalopnik audience for its thoughts on the worst race tracks in motorsport history, and one daring human offered a treasonous answer: AVUS. My heart rate immediately spiked upon seeing that response

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 5, 2022

What Do You Want To Know About The BMW M440i Gran Coupe?

This weekend, I spent a little over 250 miles behind the wheel of a 2022 BMW M440i Gran Coupe xDrive — and in exchange for BMW graciously lending me the car, I must write a review on it. Before I do that, though, I want to know what you want to know.Read

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 5, 2022

2022 Subaru WRX Sales Have Dropped 90 Percent This Year

When the latest generation of Subaru WRX debuted, reception was... mixed. Some hated the black plastic that wrapped around the bottom of its body, while others promised that once you see it in person, it really isn’t that bad. But a new car is always, at

logo.png  By ONR  Apr 5, 2022

Honda Finally Caved, Will Offer 7 Year Loans

Cars are getting more and more expensive, especially with EVs on the horizon. As of January of this year, the average price of a new car was heading towards $50,000. But automakers and their respective finance companies want you to know they’re here for y

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