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The Feds Are Cracking Down on Annoying Warranty Robocalls

If you’re tired of those annoying robocalls telling you to renew your vehicle’s warranty, you may be in for some relief soon. CNN reports that the Federal Communications Commission has ordered telecom companies to block the calls from reaching consumers.

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 23, 2022

Here’s Why 'Twister' is the Greatest Car Commercial of All Time

Twister is a movie that has lived rent free in my head since I was three years old in 1999. It was the first movie I ever purchased: a VHS copy from a second hand store. I think I still have it around here somewhere.Read more...

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The Alpine A110 E-Ternité Teases the Possibility of an EV From Alpine

Alpine has unveiled an EV version of the A110, called the the A110 E-ternité. Before you pack your belongings and plot your big move to France, you should know the electric A110 is just a prototype for now. Despite the EV being in its early stages, and ze

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Have an Existential Crisis as You Watch Mr. Regular Review a C5 Corvette

Mr. Regular is at it again. He reviewed a car — a car I love — and it left me with an existential crisis. Longtime RCR fans know the channel has done some deep dives into life, stretching far beyond the car that’s being reviewed. This takes it a step furt

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