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People's Convoy Visits Elementary School Hours Before Protester Is Arrested With Loaded Gun

The People’s Convoy is having quite a Friday already. First, there are reports of police having to break up a heated exchange Thursday night, which resulted in one person being arrested with a loaded firearm on their person. This was hours after members o

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 26, 2022

This Whole Yacht-Watching Experience For The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix Looks Poorly Thought Out

Formula 1 in Monaco is a fantastical pinnacle of excellence when it comes to racing and showing off the copious amount of money the European series attracts. Many have dreamed what it would be like to grace the decks of the elite, fancy-ass glass of champ

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 26, 2022

Here's Why CarMax Makes More Money On Used Cars Than Anyone Else

CarMax is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to pre-owned vehicle retailing. It sells more than double the used inventory than their nearest competitor and they make significantly more money doing so. The primary reason for this is simple—most people ar

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Gran Turismo 7 Just Might Be Saved After All

It’s been beyond depressing to watch Gran Turismo 7 — a good driving game marred by a stingy economy and lacking single-player campaign — fall in favor over the past few weeks. Mainly because it didn’t have to be this way. The lack of late-game content a

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 26, 2022