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GMC Dealers Are Taking A Page From Ford With Last Minute Hummer EV Markups

Being able to place a reservation for a car you want the day it goes live can be a satisfying thing. I can only imagine the anticipation of knowing your car is being built and that it’s coming, only to have that all thrown away by a dealership. That’s wha

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 25, 2022

Bad Bunny Invites You Aboard His Big Rig, Hosting An Airbnb Stay In Miami That's Actually Affordable

Among the topics I never expected to write about at Jalopnik, Bad Bunny has to be high on the list. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter skirts the line between genius and absurdity often, but I never took the artist and professional wrestler for a jalop or

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Automakers Need to Stop Doing This Sneaky Pricing Trick on Their Websites

When it comes to deciding on a new car, price isn’t everything. But it’s a big one. Almost everyone researches car online and even use an automaker’s website to configure a car with the options and features they want before going into the dealer. The prob

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The Porsche Cayenne Is The Only Vehicle That Starts At Exactly $69,000

It’s Thursday afternoon – which means it’s pretty much Friday, and that means it’s the weekend. There’s no better way to celebrate that fact than by pointing out the Porsche Cayenne is the only new vehicle sold that starts at exactly $69,000.Read more...

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