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What Engine Is In The Back Of The Batman's Batmobile?

This morning, I was forwarded an email from a reader who had broken down nearly every aspect of the new Batmobile from The Batman. In his incredibly nerdy and detailed YouTube video, Josh White worked to identify everything from the body to the (two) engi

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 10, 2022

One Dead In Stock Car Hauler Crash

Steven Stotts, the hauler driver for ARCA Menards Series team David Gilliland Racing, was killed in a highway crash outside of Longview, TX. He was transporting Taylor Gray’s car to Phoenix Raceway for this weekend’s race at the time of the accident on Ma

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 10, 2022

A County Sheriff Used Taxpayer Money To Buy Cars From His Family’s Dealership

For many, trust in local police is unwavering. Yet there is a lot of evidence that shows a disregard for public trust on the part of local police. From secret department gangs to lying about overtime pay, there are a lot of examples why many shouldn’t b

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Jalopnik's Twitch Channel Launches Tomorrow (For Real This Time)

Last week, we told you all about our shiny new Twitch channel and its very definite launch date of Thursday, March 3. Due to some extremely normal and precedented events, we ended up spending most of that week away from our keyboards, consoles, and websit

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