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A Ukrainian Sailor Tried To Sink His Russian Boss' Yacht

A Ukrainian sailor was arrested in Mallorca, Spain on Saturday for trying to sink a yacht that belongs to a Russian CEO, who is reportedly a Russian arms dealer that supplies the Russian military. According to local news, Ultima Hora, the Spanish Civil G

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How To Drive A Russian Armored Personnel Carrier, Courtesy Of A Car Vlogger

A gearhead and social media influencer in Russia posted a video Sunday that gives Ukrainians the ins and outs of how to drive a Russian armored personal carrier. You know, in case any of them might just happened to come across one somewhere and want to h

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The Flyin' Hawaiian Danny Ongais Dies Age 79

Danny Ongais, an icon of the Indianapolis 500 and the only Hawaiian driver to contest the iconic race, has died in his home in Anaheim Hills, California on Feb. 26 as a result of congestive heart complications. He was 79 years old.Read more...

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Washington Police Don't Want Teslas As Patrol Cars Because They Think EVs Suck

With the push for EVs, police departments across the country are going to have to figure out what to do with their dinosaur fleets. The backbone of many of these departments is still Crown Victorias, though the shift to Explorers and Chargers in recent ye

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