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Michael Fux Has His New Hispano-Suiza

The Hispano-Suiza Carmen Boulogne is a 1,114 horsepower electric supercar of which only five will be made, including one delivered recently to the mattress innovator Michael Fux. Fux is a guy who has a weakness for gauche supercars, and the purple Carmen

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What Car Brand Would You Kill Off?

The year is 2024. Eighteen months ago, in September of 2022, aliens from Proxima Centauri landed on earth and began making some changes for us pitiful lifeforms incapable of interstellar travel. The oceans are cleaned up, war and weapons are gone, but the

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Carpenter Brut — 'Turbo Killer'

Ever since I first started reading Jalopnik in 2010 I’ve wanted to write my own Traffic Jams. Now I’m finally at the helm and achieving a bucket list item this morning. It’s time to expose you to my music. Let’s start your Tuesday off with fast cars and a

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The Invasion Of Ukraine Could Make The Chip Shortage Even Worse

Time and again, we’ve seen the fragility of distributed global supply chains. From floods making hard drive prices soar to a bike shortage worsened by Covid-shuttered factories, it seems that broad, international production only adds further points of fai

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