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Gran Turismo and the FIA Will Resume Their Partnership When GT7 Is Less Broken

The FIA revealed this past weekend that its esports collaboration with Gran Turismo isn’t over; it’s merely on a hiatus, to allow developer Polyphony Digital more time to add necessary features to GT7 and sort out the game’s multiplayer instability.Read m

logo.png  By ONR  Jul 26, 2022

Toyota's Build Costs Are Spiraling

Toyota will not press its suppliers to lower component costs, Boeing workers agree to strike, and U.S. automakers struggling to fill job vacancies. All that and more in The Morning Shift for July 25, 2022.Read more...

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Two Planes Collided at Miami International Airport

Two Delta flights collided while taxiing at Miami International Airport over the weekend in a low-speed impact that left travelers and staff shaken, but unharmed. Read more...

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New Car Prices Average $48,000 for the First Time

You may not have noticed, but car prices at this very moment are bad and getting worse. Between low incentives, high markups, and an increasing number of new vehicles that rely on tax credits to subsidize their cost, buyers are now paying more than ever f

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