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The Mazda CX-60 Is The Shape Of Mazdas To Come

Mazda debuted its new CX-60 on Tuesday, a car meant for Europe’s burgeoning, almost American-like appetite for big SUVs, and a car that previews what we will likely get here in the States, the CX-70. The CX-60 is a big and slightly boring plug-in hybrid e

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Ukrainian Truckers Head Into The Fray With Loads Of Supplies 'My War Is To Deliver Goods'

The conflict in Ukraine continues to destabilize life for millions of people, sending at least two million refugees over the nation’s borders in search of safety. Some Ukrainians already living in other places in Europe, however, feel it is their duty to

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Gran Turismo 7 Is The Racing Sim That Isn't Afraid To Be A Video Game

Gran Turismo 7 is going to be a frustrating experience for a lot of people. Of that, I’m convinced.Read more...

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A Reminder That Being A Cash Buyer Will Not Get You A Better Price At A Dealership

The old saying that “cash is king” applies to almost all purchases, except if you want to buy a car from a dealership. A recent report from the Wall Street Journal revealed how dealers in this seller’s market are pressuring buyers to get loans because it’

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