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Volvo Dealers Will Use AI To Scan Cars For Problems

Volvo announced Thursday it will begin employing the UVeye inspection platform — a machine learning AI system that can scan an entire car for problems in mere seconds — to dealers on the East Coast with plans to expand to all 280 of its U.S. dealerships.R

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 12, 2022

With Higher Gas Prices Comes Higher Rates Of Gas Theft: Police

Police in the western United States are warning drivers of a rash of fuel thefts taken directly from cars as gas prices continue to rise to new heights. To add injury to insult, some thieves are drilling directly into fuel tanks rather than siphoning gas

logo.png  By ONR  Mar 12, 2022

These Car Makers Offer The Worst Colors

Today, most people who buy a new car aren’t really thinking about what they want when they pick a car color. Instead, they’re considering what the person who buys it off them might want. And that’s led to all manner of neutral, but boring, colors hitting

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We're The Staff Of Jalopnik, Let's Chat

The other day, as I rifled through the library card catalog that comprises the Jalopnik archives (it takes up half the office, and most cards have been defaced past the point of recognition with lewd comments and/or falafel recipes), I stumbled on a post

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