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The Ford GT's Production Run Will Be Over By The End Of 2022

It’s the end of the line — quite literally — for the current generation Ford GT, which will see its final year in 2022. So far, 1,100 out of a total 1,350 cars have rolled. That means there are only 250 cars left for you to get your hands on if you want a

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Billionaire Plans First Commercial Spacewalk For Best View Of Our Burning Planet

When you’re a billionaire, a quick trip down Long Island to spend a day at the beach just isn’t fun anymore. Instead, you have to look much further afield when planning a weekend away. I guess that explains why billionaire Jared Isaacman has purchased thr

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Is This The World's Most Clapped-Out Bugatti Veyron?

When you think of high-dollar, high-intensity supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, your mind probably goes to one of two places: Videos of cars being pushed to their limits on British motoring programmes or the mental image of these beasts locked in cages,

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Car Dealerships Are Hoping The Feds Will Make A Move To Help Out With This Year's Taxes

While today may just seem like another Tuesday to you, dealers across the country are going to be on edge this particular Tuesday because it’s the deadline for an important piece of legislation that could affect those said dealers. Really, dealers are hop

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