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Self-Driving Cars Still Have A Lot To Learn

Every year, we’re told that this is the year we’ll get self-driving cars. And every year, come December, those autonomous vehicles fail to materialize anywhere beyond the research facility. But now, a report from California has outlined some of the things

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 15, 2022

VW Things Had A Real Moment In Super Bowl Ads

I don’t usually like to write too much about Super Bowl commercials, because, you know, screw ‘em. I’m not here to advertise for any carmaker or crypto whatever or medicated shoe insoles or whatever they’re talking about. However, I am honor-bound to repo

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Highway Of Agony: How Traffic Safety Films Introduced Millions Of Kids To Scenes Of Real Death

“There’s trouble ahead. Trouble that may or may not be a signal 30. What will we find? A minor mishap? Or will we look upon the stark face of death?” a deadpan narrator asks his audience. It’s a question you are forced to grapple with every time the scene

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Elon Musk Declares NHTSA 'Fun Police' For Banning Inane Gimmicks

Plenty of comedians right now are up in arms about cancel culture. From Louis C.K. to Dave Chapelle to Ricky Gervais, former comedy heavyweights are constantly trying desperately to remain in the spotlight despite their shitty behaviors and opinions figh

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