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A Dealership Is Selling Two Incredible One-Off Lotus Concept Cars

Do you ever wonder what happens to a concept car after it’s done touring shows? Many meet the crusher while luckier ones get shuffled into a warehouse. The luckiest get to spend time in a museum. Some, like this 335 HP V8 Lotus Etna and this Lotus M200 Sp

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 15, 2022

Formula One Wants To Make Sure The Belgium Incident Never Happens Again

Looking back on the 2021 Formula One season brings memories flooding to the front of mind, including some stellar drives, some incredible mistakes by teams and drivers, and one of the closest title battles in a long damn time. Unfortunately for everyone i

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 15, 2022

Hertz Now Has To Share Its 'Rental Theft' Information With The Public

After years of hundreds of customers saying they’ve been wrongly accused of stealing rentals from Hertz, a federal judge is ordering the company to back up those claims by making its rental theft records available to the public.Read more...

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Every Formula One Weekend Should Have A Sprint Race, But Sadly Only Three Will

After experimenting with Sprint Qualifying rounds in 2021, Formula One had originally decided to expand that program to six rounds in 2022. Sadly, it announced on Monday that Sprints would stick to just three rounds this season to curb costs in light of t

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