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Man Accused Of Stealing Hertz Rental Car Arrested While Departing Cruise Ship Vacation

Getting arrested for something you didn’t do, while on vacation, has to be bullshit of the highest order. But it happened to a New Hampshire man last week, when rental company Hertz had him arrested for allegedly stealing a rental, CBS News reports. The a

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There's A Wordle For Airport Codes Now

Have you, like seemingly everyone else on the planet, logged into your favorite social media app only to find your feed overrun with tiles of black, yellow, and green? Do you want to participate in the fun that’s happening on every Facebook, Twitter, or B

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How American Racer Oliver Askew Is Handling The Swap From IndyCar To Formula E

To say that Oliver Askew likely didn’t expect to be competing in Formula E would be an understatement. The American driver grew up racing his way through the Road to Indy program with his eyes on an IndyCar ride, and in 2020, he landed a great seat with A

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Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Ride Will Cost You $450,000

If you have a love for outer space and $450,000 burning a hole in your pocket, then boy do we have the opportunity for you! Virgin Galactic is now selling tickets for space trips to the public, according to CNN.Read more...

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