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Even With The New Car Supply Shortage No One Wants An Alfa Romeo

Everyone knows it’s a bad time to buy anything, new or used. Except for an Alfa Romeo, because it’s always a good time to buy an Alfa Romeo. A few brands are still recording average transaction prices below MSRP even in this climate, and wouldn’t you know

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 23, 2022

Michael Andretti Officially Submits American Formula One Team Plans: Report

On Friday, Feb. 18, a single tweet from Mario Andretti made waves at the end of the day. In it, he claimed that his son Michael had applied to the FIA — Formula One’s governing body — to enter a brand-new, all-American team named Andretti Global. And yes,

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 23, 2022

Thousands Of Ford Broncos Sitting In Michigan Parking Lot Due To Chip Shortage

If you were looking to buy a new Ford Bronco anytime soon, it’s best you look away. Thousands of the new SUVs are currently sitting outside Ford’s Michigan Assembly plant, all because of the global semiconductor shortage, according to Automotive News.Read

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Luxury Cruise Line Will Sell You A Million Dollar Murphy Bed

We’ve all seen the images of people living the van life, those care-free millennials snapping pristine photos as they live out their dreams in the back of a converted van. Well now, millionaires looking to share in this off-grid lifestyle can book their s

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