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Ex-SpaceX Engineers Create Self-Driving Trains To Aid Trucker Shortage

It’s a tough time to be a trucker. If you aren’t caught for days alone on the road, then you’re left with few benefits and low wages. It’s no wonder, then, that the U.S. is currently facing a shortage of long-haul truckers. But now, one firm thinks its se

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The Ambassador Bridge Handles $500 Million In Trade Daily. The Freedom Convoy Just Shut It Down [Update]

The Canadian Freedom Convoy shut down the Canadian side of the Ambassador Bridge Monday night vowing to keep the critical border crossing closed until their various demands are met. It remains closed as of Tuesday morning. The span between Windsor and Det

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At $3,600, Does This 2002 BMW X5 Mark The Spot?

With SUVs being all the rage, it’s no doubt that there’s an active market for older editions like today’s Nice Price or No Dice X5. Let’s see if the seller has priced this reasonably unique soft-roader for what the market will bear.Read more...

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Nissan Is Mostly Done Developing New Engines: Report

Nissan, which everyone kind of thought might have been toast in the wake of the Carlos Ghosn debacle, has instead seemingly found new footing, moving on from the Ghosn plan of volume to something more focused, especially on EVs. So much then, reportedly,

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