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What's The Worst Automotive Product Placement In Film?

You know the feeling. You sit down in the theater, the lights begin to dim, and suddenly you find yourself watching a car commercial. No, it’s not a pre-roll advertisement, it’s the movie you paid to see — but it’s suddenly decided to veer hard into produ

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 9, 2022

GM Teases Plans To Boldly Rehash 25-Year-Old Crap For Super Bowl Ad

I’m not crazy about covering carmaker’s Super Bowl ads because, you know, screw ‘em, I’m not here to shill for them. But, sometimes, it’s fun to disparage the big, expensive ad campaigns the car companies trot out, because, again, screw ‘em. Read more...

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Caitlyn Jenner Starts Her Very Own W Series Team, Jenner Racing

Caitlyn Jenner made history after winning the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, and now she’s making history again by becoming the team principal of her very own W Series team, named Jenner Racing, the series reports.Read more...

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Renheads Unite: Jeremy Renner Has A New TV Show About Building Cars

Big news Renheads! Jeremy Renner is back and this time he’s making a TV show!Read more...

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