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Elon Musk Declares NHTSA 'Fun Police' For Banning Inane Gimmicks

Plenty of comedians right now are up in arms about cancel culture. From Louis C.K. to Dave Chapelle to Ricky Gervais, former comedy heavyweights are constantly trying desperately to remain in the spotlight despite their shitty behaviors and opinions figh

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Tesla Will Not Pay Any Federal Taxes This Year Despite Record Profits, Stock Price

Tesla won’t be paying a cent in federal taxes this year despite the company recording record profits and stock prices. In fact, according to CNN Business, they may not have to pay taxes in the near future at all.Read more...

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This Plane Crash Shows What Not To Do When You Lose An Engine

Another nightmare aircraft engine failure is making the rounds on aviation social media. This time the pilot at the controls has not much altitude or airspeed to work with. It’s almost the worst-case scenario, but thankfully everyone survives and the vide

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These Are The Cars That Deserve Retro Versions

Sure, there’s no sense living in the past forever. But automakers like to remind us of the wonderful vehicles they’ve made over the years, so they can tug at our nostalgia bones and make more money. Earlier today we asked you what modern cars deserve retr

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