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Extreme E Launched Another Cool Motorsport Series That You’re All Going To Hate

Motorsport is in a funny place these days, fighting to find its identity in a world that is increasingly turning its back on gas-powered performance. Historic series such as NASCAR and IndyCar are struggling to keep up with the times as hybrid and electri

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 19, 2022

Police Are Arresting The Remaining Freedom Convoy Protesters Around Downtown Ottawa [Update]

After two days of warning Freedom Convoy protesters of the consequences of remaining in Ottawa’s downtown, and 22 days of semi trucks locking down the city, police are finally moving in on the protest as a whole. Read more...

logo.png  By ONR  Feb 19, 2022

There Are 100 Days To The Indy 500, So What Do You Want To See From This Year’s Greatest Spectacle In Racing?

The Indy 500 — also known as “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing” and voted one of the largest single-day sporting events in the world — is just 100 days away. 100 days may feel like an eternity in these ongoing pandemic times, but it’s gonna be May sooner

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British Coachbuilder Unveils Ferrari 250-Inspired 'Short Wheelbase'

If you want your very own Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase, you’d better be prepared to fork over more than $10 million. That’s a big chunk of change that most people don’t have. But, let’s say you have a few million bucks laying around — just not $10 milli

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